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"A Talk With Zion"

Shavon Brooks Aug 2020-3_edited.jpg

This Children's Book was created to provided  awareness on Depression. This book explores Depression with a young African-American boy named Zion who is meeting with a therapist for his first time. 

Walk through the stages of depression with Zion and see how he was able to overcome and learn the coping skills needed.

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A Talk With Zion.

I hope you enjoy this book and share it with your family and friends. Keep a copy in your Classroom, BreakRoom, Therapy Room, Children's Room, Living Room and Any Room Near You.

Fun Facts:

A Talk with Zion was written in 2021 on Thanksgiving break. I was on Southwest Airlines flying from Austin, Texas to Florida. We all have racing thoughts when we travel and I decided to pull out my notes on my phone and that was the start of, "A Talk With Zion".

Zion's name came from the word Depression. Depression may be our diagnoses but, depression does not define who we are. Depression is the start of what we face but the end of how Zion will deal with it. Depression- Zion, Zion comes the ending of Depression. 

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