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Shavon Mariah Social Services 
Luggage Foundation 501(c)(3)
NonProfit Organization 

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The founder and CEO of Shavon Mariah Social Services realized there is a gap with Children, Families and Individuals who lack the basic essentials when moving from placement to placement with bags that are not their own. No individual should have to move their only belongings in Plastic bags or bags that are in need of return. Shavon Mariah Social Service Luggage Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization apart of Shavon Mariah Social Services, P.A  that is dedicated to providing luggage to Children, Families, and Individuals who are in need of clean, reliable, luggage that only belongs to them.

With the growth and expansion of our services, We are helping children, individuals and families with an emergency outfit or clothing items. If you know anyone in need please contact us and we can provided them with new/lightly used clothing items to help meet their needs for the moment.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Shavon Mariah Social Services Luggage Foundation will not promise that any individual will never move again because we as individuals are always growing, but we will promise you that you will have a luggage that will belong to yourself. No individual should have to relocated their belongings in plastic bags, used bags or luggage that they need to return. Shavon Mariah Social Services Luggage Foundation will ensure that the luggage that an individual is caring has a purpose to the one who is placing their belongings inside.


It's ok, to move because moving means we as individuals are growing into a different phase in our lives but, let's move with confidence and strength. When individuals are packing their luggages not only will they pack their belongings but they will ensure that their purpose is packed, they are walking with confidence, and they have the strength that they will carry with them.


Find You Anchor.. Find Your Purpose 

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Your Request options 

Request Form 

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Please send your request by the link below or please fill out this PDF FORM and send back as an email attachment for record purposes. 

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