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LCSW Supervision Hours 

Shavon Mariah Social Services, P.A


Shavon Mariah Social Services is always looking to supervise LMSW for their LCSW hours. I am a state approved supervisor for completing your hours needed to obtain your LCSW. (Licensed Clinical Social Work in Texas) You can always change/transfer supervisors and have The State of Texas approve your plan.

Sessions can be Telehealth or In-person. 

 Example of your 2 years of supervision to complete State of Texas Requirements:

This will be every month for 2 years 

There will be 3 group sessions for 1 hour each month


1 Individual Session for 1 hour each month 


Meeting 4 x a month which is once a week

Each group session will be 80.00 which is 320.00 a month for supervision 

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Please Reach out by Email:


Please Reach out by Phone or Text: 737-781-3028

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