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Awareness About Our Groups

                      Small Group Settings
There will be 5 or less individuals in each session, whom is age appropriate and screened for the group setting . 

Psychoeducational Groups:


An individual is able to interact with others who share the same disorder or outcome goal. A social worker provides assignments for group members, so the group is educational. Your able to learn about the disorder and strategies to cope with it.

Example:Growth Groups: Provides

emotional and psychological support while providing instruction on how to change old habits.  

Psychotherapy Groups: 

Provide individuals who has experienced traumatic event and teaches how to cope.


Example:Support Groups: Provide individuals with emotional support while teaching how to cope.



                                        Anger Management  

Intro to Mental Health (1x week for 8 Weeks)

The Coping Toolbox

PTSD Management 

                                         Grief Management 

                                       Anxiety Management 

                                    Confidence Development 

                                Expecting Teen Parenting Class

                    Living in an spectrum  (Art Group /Psychotherapy ) 


                                           DOPE Information

                               (Substance & Drug Awareness) 


                            I'm Perfect For You- Father's Session 

 (Parenting Skills,Development)

                           I'm Perfect For You- Mother's Session

 (Parenting Skills,Development)

Available Groups - New Groups Will Be Added By Request

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