Awareness About Our Groups

                      Small Group Settings
There will be 5 or less individuals in each session, whom is age appropriate and screened for the group setting . 

Psychoeducational Groups:


An individual is able to interact with others who share the same disorder or outcome goal. A social worker provides assignments for group members, so the group is educational. Your able to learn about the disorder and strategies to cope with it.

Example:Growth Groups: Provides

emotional and psychological support while providing instruction on how to change old habits.  

Psychotherapy Groups: 

Provide individuals who has experienced traumatic event and teaches how to cope.


Example:Support Groups: Provide individuals with emotional support while teaching how to cope.



                                        Anger Management  

12 Weeks 

PTSD Management 

                                         Grief Management 

                                       Anxiety Management 

                                    Confidence Development 

                                Expecting Teen Parenting Class

                             Outpatient Behavioral Development 

                    Living in an spectrum  (Art Group /Psychotherapy ) 


                                           DOPE Information

                               (Substance & Drug Awareness) 


                            I'm Perfect For You- Father's Session 

 (Parenting Skills,Development)

                           I'm Perfect For You- Mother's Session

 (Parenting Skills,Development)

Available Groups - New Groups Will Be Added By Request