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Shavon Mariah Social Services 

Luggage Foundation Stay Involved  

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 Donation Options

There are many ways that you can donate to the luggage Foundation:

Monetary Donations 

Luggage Donations 

Organized Event OR luggage Drive 

Spread The Word 

Charitable contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law.  


Shavon Mariah Social Services Luggage Foundation  is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization, tax identification number 84-4363789.  For all donations, you will receive a formal letter from us confirming your donation for tax purposes.

Click here for a copy of our IRS tax exempt notice.

Time to Take Action 

If you would like to donate by Check, please call for pick up:

      Shavon Mariah Social Services 

Make checks payable to: Shavon Mariah Social Services Luggage Foundation 


If you would like to donate by drop off please Call: 

      Shavon Mariah Social Services       


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We Have Amazing Supporters

Shavon Mariah Social Services Luggage Foundation is supported by individuals, families, organizations and companies who understand the importance of helping our community with a reliable source of luggage for those in need. 

We Will Recognize Founding Gifts on a Prominent Wall Within Shavon Mariah Social Services Building and Webpage 

  $10,000 or more           Whale Circle  

   $ 8,000 or more            Dolphin Circle

  $ 5,000 or more            Sea Turtle Circle

   $ 3,000 or more            Penguin Circle

Additional Founders will be recognized on our Webpage:

 $1,000 or more             Sea Otter Circle

   $ 500  or more              Starfish Circle

   $ 300 or more               Coral  Circle

   $100 or more                Pearl Circle 

Please specify when making donations IF (and how) you would like your donation acknowledged. Of course, we also honor any donor who prefers to remain anonymous.


Thank You For Your Support :

Terrance H.

Gordon & Michelle Brooks 

Continental Automotive Group-Austin

Ladies of Charity- Lake Travis

Austin Spurs

Austin Area Urban League 

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