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National Anger Management Course

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Please call for various Days and Times
Our Groups :
Adults: Monday 's
Youth:  Friday's

Telehealth/Zoom Sessions are available 

Group Setting


12 weeks

1 hour meeting

Graduation on week 12

PDF Book will be Provided 

Certificate is presented upon completion

Enrollment letters provided for court or employer-mandated individuals

Cost: 840.00 for Total 12 Week Group Course 


70.00 Per Group Session 

Maximum 10 students

Individual Setting

12 Weeks 

1 hour meeting

Graduation on Week 12

PDF Book will be Provided 

Certificate is presented upon completion

Enrollment letters provided for court or employer-mandated individuals

Cost: 100.00 Per Session


Certified Anger Management Specialist-II/ Anger Management Clinical Services 


The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is the international professional association (represented in 26 countries) for the fields of anger management, crisis intervention and domestic violence. Some anger management participants want a more rigorous approach to anger management. Anger Management Clinical Services includes various clinical and evidence-based mental health approaches by an Anger Management Specialist-II who is a professional thoroughly trained to work with complex anger management issues. Anger management professional services are not traditional psychotherapy or group counseling—rather it is a complex combination of insights from various psychological traditions that requires additional training in anger management skills, concepts, and techniques.

Some anger management participants are mandated to take classes as a condition of probation, part of a plea bargain, or by their employer. Court Ordered Anger Management classes can be sentenced and mandated to an individual for misdemeanor crimes such as disturbing the peace, altercations, destruction of property and/or battery charges.If such acts have been committed, the judge will often require court ordered Anger Management classes in lieu of jail time. It is reasonable to say that an anger management program would be a more beneficial option because they are given the chance to learn the necessary anger management skills to better cope with difficult situations. Court ordered Anger Management classes are often viewed as castigatory by the one required taking the anger management class, however it can also be a life changing experience if given the opportunity. Since it takes time to process what one learns in an anger management class, and to practice the newly learned anger management skills, the theory is that if a person exceeds one Anger Management class each week, it may not permit enough time for a participant to make as much progress to manage their anger. Our 12 week anger management class will provided you with the skills and resources you need to keep going in your life and help you find your purpose that was once hidden behind the word reference as ANGER.

Too much anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. Most people can express their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffective in others. The Anger Management Workbook and Curriculum reduces levels of anger especially in provocative situations. Participants will learn effective skills, concepts and techniques to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts. The workbook and curriculum is accredited by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). The evidence-based and clinically-proven anger management practices are presented in clear and understandable language. The twelve (12) Modules include effective anger management skills, calming techniques, expressing negative emotion skills, stress and anxiety management, conflict resolution skills, and practical solutions.

Are You Ready for Graduation ?

12 Weeks You Can do It


Week 1: Introductions, Getting Started and the Anger Log

Week 2: Primitive and Evolved Brain

Week 3: Anger Awareness

Week 4: Calming Techniques

Week 5: Shame and Shadow Material

Week 6: Dysfunctional Thinking

Week 7: Judgment and Criticalness

Week 8: Assertive Communication

Week 9: Conflict Resolution

Week 10: Stress and Anxiety Management

Week 11: Mindfulness

Week 12: Practical Solutions and Graduation 

A New Beginning 

National Anger Management Association

Credentials Certified

Accepted by all courts in US & Canada

Certified to Teach Groups, Workshops, Classes and Individual Sessions

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Court-Approved Evaluations

Anger Management evaluations are conducted by Certified Anger Management Specialists who understands the proper steps to avoiding triggers and how to properly use coping mechanisms. Anger is a difficult emotion to control, even in the best of circumstances. If you were arrested for a violent charge, you may be required to complete an anger management evaluation by your probation officer.During the evaluation, we cover your family and abuse history, current and previous charges, demeanor, state and trait anger expression, and anger management skills.


Anger Management evaluations can be completed on any weekday by appointment only. The standard turn-around time for an anger management evaluation is 1-2 business days. The appointments take about an hour to complete, and most clients receive their recommendation immediately. In order to expedite the process, please be sure to bring your ID, the police report, and any supporting documentation you have available.

Why an Anger Management Evaluation?

In many cases, both misdemeanor and felony, an anger management evaluation may be a required condition of pretrial diversion, probation, or parole. The goal of the evaluation is not to determine if you have an anger problem, but rather if you have knowledge of proper anger management techniques, and how to implement them. Anger is a normal part of everyone’s life, but it takes practice and awareness to control it, cool down, and deal with it in a healthy manner. If you are recommended an anger management program, it is because we believe that teaching you about new and healthy ways to manage your emotions with help you in the long run, and hopefully prevent you from ever having trouble with the law again.

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