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Shavon Mariah Social Services P.A is always looking to hire Licensed Staff to complete sessions, weekly groups and workshops. Please contact 737-381-3028 for any current employment opportunities. 

Shavon Mariah Social Services, PA  is currently conducting interviews for Contract Psychotherapist positions. Excellent opportunity to supplement a private practice or for a counselor who is looking to make extra money or gain hours towards their licensure. This position is ideal for a clinician who is highly motivated and ready to build a sustainable private practice. This is a unique private practice opportunity for an individual currently holding an LMSW or LCSW or LPC license and is looking for autonomy, beautiful office space and supervision.

Shavon Mariah Social Services, PA serves as an all-encompassing and supportive private practice environment; where practitioners can utilize their strengths, clinically mature, and establish themselves as professionals in the community. Our current psychotherapists are all seeing clients, while earning Flat Rate.

The ideal candidate will have one year of psychotherapy experience, education with a solid clinical foundation, be curious and interested in a depth-oriented psychotherapy with an unconscious focus, be enthusiastic and ambitious, enjoy working independently without being micro-managed, be able to grow clinically and professionally, have a strong ethical framework, creative problem-solving skills, and an unwavering sense of humor.

Shavon Mariah Social Services has available space to Sub Lease professional therapy office/space for local practitioners. Please contact 737-781-3028 for more information. 

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